3PAR Capacity Report-Automated

3PAR is the one of the successful product of HPE. Many clients have this product. The concept is really new with a unique architecture which yields Enterprise class performance on mid range series.

In this chapter, I am sharing you a PowerShell script which uses a combination of 3PARCLI, Plink, System reporter, MS Charting tools and Windows PowerShell  to pull up the data from 3PAR and project the utilization in pie chart using HTML report.



9 thoughts on “3PAR Capacity Report-Automated

  1. Hi,
    You have create a very interesting script .
    I have a problem regarding the connection to HP 3 PAR because I can use plink .exe and I haven’t find yet a solution to connect with Putty .
    Can you please tell me if you know an solution for this.
    Thank you in advance .


    • For this script to run, you need 3par PS tool kit 2.0 and plink to establish a session. But if you need just a cli connection, use putty. You can’t replace plink.exe with putt.exe here because its not support by the toolkit.


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