Script for Collecting CISCO Flogi and Active Zones count

I bet that every storage admin has a track of their Flogi DB and Zones in their SAN. But I really don’t keep !. Well when someone asks me. Hi dude you screwed up the zonning and my servers are down . “Wake up call !!!” . I will login to every switches, Start checking zones, compare with my pretty old database. Realize the data mismatch ! Ka-Boom !!!! End of story !

Well if you keep a track of your FLDB count and zones on a daily basis, on a huge and  busyenvironment with lot of fabrics, then you are Super Man. But in reality, After running behind Changes, Incidents, Calls and other junk work.. A day well spent. Oh my gosh you are out of time. You will keep this work “Collecting FLDB and Zone Count” for the next day. And rest assured. Tomorrow never dies !!!

So, writing a PowerShell script  to do this task on a daily/weekly but not on a monthly basis ,will keep your guard up. Hell yeah ! Nobody will ever come and tell you about your SAN switches alerts. The day you see an abnormal change of count in the report, You can dig into the respective switches, look for changes and alert the team or fix by yourself. Yeah man. Now we are talking.

You can download the script here


Finding from the output of this script

  1. The Flogi on the Switch SW6 has decreased (Path down)
  2. Change in Zones

To run the script yo need to have plink on your system.
Update the complete path of plink on \res\Commands\plinkpath.txt

For e.g.





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