Automating Health Check on EMC VNX

As a storage engineer, most of us have got a chance to work on the EMC VNX aka CX5. The block architecture is similar to EMC Clariion. The EMC Unity also inherit the same design form VNX. This topic cover the CLI aspect of VNX. The Unisphere is a very good tool, pretty straight forward. Any beginner can master till L2 tasks on this device. That is the best part of VNX. Often people have trouble login to Unisphere because of the dependency with JAVA and security configuration mismatch.

NavisecCLI is a tool used for accessing the VNX using CLI. Adding the security files to NavisecCLI is recommended to avoid login commands at the beginning of other commands for e.g.

$user = “admin”
$pw = “password”
naviseccli -h -scope 0 -user $user -password $pw port -list -hba

If the security file is added to NavisecCLI, use of naviseccli -h -scope 0 -user $user -password $pw is not necessary.

I generally use a Windows PowerShell ISE to write scripts and test outputs. Because of its flexibility. Native PS commands won’t work with CMD, but vice versa will work.

How to create Script to get VNX health Check


Windows Machine (Any release after 7 including server OS is fine)
PowerShell 1.0 or above
Connectivity to VNX storage
Writing script

The VNX doesn’t give a neat output when its comes to formatting. Hence, I use PS commands to convert the output to a structured format for parsing to HTML for generating report. Some of my statements can be misleading because I am a beginner in scripting.
Script and Supporting Files

The script can be downloaded from here

  1. Unzip the file on your system
  2. Open PS Set-Executionpolicy unrestricted
  3. Run VNX_HealthCheck_exec.ps1
  4.  Select option 1 to update IP and device name.
  5. Option 2 to update the VNX username and password. Script assumes all VNX has same credentials. and -scope 0 for LDAP replace -scope 0 with -scope 1 in VNXHealthCheck/VNX_HealthCheck.ps1
  6. Option 3 will invoke VNXHealthCheck/VNX_HealthCheck.ps1 and generate the report. sometimes this one breaks as some commands varies with flare code. Find your flare code version and use admin guide to edit the commands in VNXHealthCheck/VNX_HealthCheck.ps1.
  7. Option 3 work around: VNXHealthCheck/VNX_HealthCheck.ps1 open this file from Windows Powershell ISE and execute
    Screen Shot Powershell



8. 4 and 5 Help and Exit!

Hope you will have a good time playing around the script.






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